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Unite 6 of Mehregan Building, 1st Alley, Hasan abad Street, Kashani BLVD
Iran, Tehran
Leading in the manufacture of ultrasonic testing equipment
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Leading in the development of testing systems, equipment, diagnostics and ultrasonic thickening
Increasing the safety factor of production of industrial products by ultrasonic testing

Pejvak Rayan Company

Manufacture  and development of  automatic ultrasonic testing systems and devices.

Our experts , relying on technical knowledge,20 years of experience and knowledge of testing equipment , international testing standards and various experience in manufacturing, installation and commissioning of automatic ultrasonic testing equipment, are able to provide the best solutions for testing row materials , During production, after production and during service.

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Why US ?

Knowledge-based Pejvak Rayan Company, specializing in up-to-date technology of ultrasonic devices and equipment in the process of testing, defect detection and thickness measurement of industrial products and parts, relying on the expertise of its experts, has succeeded in achieving the technology of manufacturing various automatic , semi-automatic and portable ultrasonic test systems are fully implemented in Iran.
   Electronic and software products of this company with precise design by specialists and engineers and with the choice of modern electronic elements of the world such as FPGA, A/D, has 2 years unconditional warranty.
   Therefore, the company is ready to receive any orders for manufacturing, installation and commissioning of automated, semi-automatic and manual testing, defect detection, thickness measurement, mechanical properties and laboratory ultrasonic devices in accordance with customer requirements and requirements of various international codes and standards such as API, ASTM, AWWA C200, ASME,….