Electronic Calibration

The word calibration has two different definitions in the field of ultrasonic test instrument and systems.

–  Electronic calibration: that in done annually.

–  Processing Calibration: that we do before we start to test with V1 or V2 calibration block and sensitivity setting by reference blocks which have some artificial flaws.

all the ultrasonic devices and systems produced by this company are electronically calibrated according to BS EN 12668 standard. All the important and effective electronic parameters are evaluated and tested and recorded to make sure they are working accurately. Some of the parameters that are evaluated according to this standard are as below:

–  Pulse repetition frequency

–  Transmitter pulse voltage

–  Transmitter pulse rise time

–  Transmitter pulse duration

–  Effective output impedance

–  Pulse reverberation amplitude

–  Centre frequency and bandwidth

–  Linearity of Time base

–  Stability against temperature

–  Stability after warm up time

–  Gates and Switching Hysteresis responses.

This calibration is done in two steps, in the first step, Pejvak Rayan Co, does this calibration, and the second step, is done by a third party, under the supervision of standard organization and two certificates will be issued for the device and will be given to the buyers.

In the first step of calibration, Pejvak Rayan Company, calibrates the device by a written procedure according to BS EN 12668 standard and issue a certificate of calibration.

In the second step, we send the device to a company under the supervision of standard organization and once again, they do the same calibration and then they issue one another certificate of calibration and approves the device accuracy.

Apart from this, for purchased devices and systems, after one year, another certificate will be issued after being tested and evaluated.