Manufacturing and running semi-automatic plate- tester trolly

Manufacturing and running semi-automatic plate- tester trolly.

Steel Sheets and plates have lots of usage in various sensitive and critical industries such as oil and gas pipes, CNG cylinders and etc. according to standards, lamination tests in these sheets and plates, before being turned into pipes, cylinders and vessels or other finished products, are very important.
Ultrasonic test is one the most operational non- destructive testing in detecting lamination flaws in these products that is widely used in these industries.
Because of big dimensions of these plates that sometimes reach to 4 meters wide and 12 meters long and their high daily production, especially in pipe manufacturing companies, manual testing is kind of impossible. In the other hand, automatic ultrasonic tests require complicated automation systems with numerous channels and probes that would be very expensive.

PEJVAK RAYAN Company’s Semiautomatic ultrasonic testing trolley, that is designed to test such plates, is the best instrument for lamination testing for those sheets and plates with enormous dimension.
PEJVAK RAYAN Company has gained a successful experience by designing and manufacturing and running several trollies in different pipe and steel manufacturing companies.
This system can detect the Ø3mm FBH, from 3mm below the surface to 2 mm before backwall.

The trolley produced by this company, has four separate probes and channels that probes have (T/R) crystals with 28 mm length which is using water gap technique for feeding Couplant and preventing friction. The arrangement of probes is in a way that they have 10% overlap of each other that enables to test 100 mm width of the plate in each scan.

This system is capable of testing sheets and plates with 5 to 200mm thickness with using different single or double crystals.
This system is capable of working 8 hours continuously with one rechargeable and easy replaceable battery and has a spare battery as well. It also has a 10-liter stainless steel tank for feeding the Couplant used for probes.


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