Manufacturing and selling various types of ultrasonic desktops

Manufacturing and selling various types of ultrasonic desktops

Pejvak Rayan’s desktop device, model (Flaw Hunter 1CH 101), is an ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness measurement device.
Thought it has a reasonable price, it has a wide range of capabilities in ultrasonic testing that with using the modern technology of the world, meets the needs of all international standards of manual ultrasonic testing. Having colorful B-scan and C-scan is one of the especial features of this device compared to other UT manuals.

Aluminum box of this device, has high resistance to hit and it is really light about 0.9 kg.
Using modern electronic elements like, high speed microprocessors, enables the system to use all the modern abilities and features of the manual ultrasonic systems in the world.
Automatic calibration, ability to calculate and display the accurate internal flaw location, and evaluating of the signals with using different functions like TCG, DAC, AWS are other features of this device.

This device can work just by connecting to USB port of computer and does not need power or battery. Powerful pulser of this device (>320 v) compared to other manual ultrasonic devices, makes this one a good choice to test casting products that because of having coarse grain structure, they have large range of sound attenuation.

Easy access to all the parameters and variables of the software and ability to connect to video projector, enables this desktop to be used in training classes and can be a good substitution for manual ultrasonic devices with complicated menu and small screen.



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