Producing and selling portable ultrasonic systems

Producing and selling portable ultrasonic systems.

PEJVAK Rayan portable ultrasonic testing system model (Flaw Hunter TMU 201) is the new generation of ultrasonic testing and measuring system that has a touch menu and it has a wide range of capability for ultrasonic testing.
To design this system, we have tried to provide all the needs and requirements of standards and ultrasonic testing according to the new technologies in the world, but apart from this, this device has special features like 10-inch touch HD display, ability to move the gates in flouting mode and touch, and ability to show the signals in strip charts and A-screen that differentiate this system compared to other common manual ultrasonic devices.

This portable ultrasonic device can be used in different industries like:
–  Power station and petrochemical industries
–  Casting, steel production. Piping and rolling industry
–  Oil and gas industry for testing of distribution pipes
–  Railing industry for testing rails and trains’ wheels
–  Car industry
–  Military
–  Industrial workshops for testing the raw material before production.

Using modern electronic elements like FGPA microprocessors with high speed process, enables the device to have and use all the modern capabilities and features of ultrasonic required features.

Automatic calibration, ability to analyze the flaw location, material identification by calculating the sound speed in materials, repeatability of the test results, analyzing the signals by using different functions like DAC, AWS, TCG, and two year warranty are other features of this portable device.


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