Producing automatic ultrasonic flaw detecting system for testing steel billets

Automatic Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for steel Billets

The production process of different steel profiles such as slabs, blooms, and billets, are usually done in two steps. In the first step, these profiles are casted and in the second one they are rolled to reach the desired dimensions and properties.

In these kind of profiles, various internal and surface flaws like cracks, gas hole, shrinkage cavities, interrupted slags and inclusions could be found.
Some of these defects, due to their dimensions and locations, depending on their usage in industries are classified as flaws, that significantly decreases the quality of the steel and if these products are used in sensitive and critical industries, they could be very dangerous.

Therefore, detection of these flaws in production process of these products, and knowing the distribution pattern in the steel structure could be very important and effective for manufacturer since existence of such flaws can cause catastrophe in sensitive industries and because of that they have to deal with customer complaints.


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