Producing semi-automatic ultrasonic lamination testing system

Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Scanner for Lamination Testing of the Pipe Ends

This test, in pipe manufacturing companies, is done in manual and automatic ways. Manual testing, because of the low speed of the test, lack of control over the test area and inability to record the test results and automatic test because it needs a huge area and its high costs are not suitable choices for pipe manufacturer.
Pejvak Rayan semi-automatic ultrasonic testing scanner, model (Flaw Hunter FLAW HUNTER USTE 9509) with a very especial design, is very suitable for this test because, apart from the high speed that is like automatic system and capability of recording the test results, it has a lower price compared with automatic systems.

This scanner is using two T/R normal probes with 28 mm that are placed next to each other in an especial holder that considering the 3mm of overlap in the test they are able to test 50mm of the each end of the pipe. This holder uses water gap technique that prevent probes from direct contact and friction.

According to international standards for oil and gas pipe production like API-5L, both ends of the pipe with the length of 25mm, shall be tested.
In some pipe manufacturing companies, use magnetic particles method (MT) for detection of these imperfections. However, the limitation of such test is that, only the flaws that are open to surface of the Beveled area, are detectable.
The best method for lamination flaws detection, is ultrasonic testing that is capable of detecting flaws in any parts of the pipe and is not limited to beveled area.

In this method, ultra sound with about 4 MHz frequency by an ultrasonic probe, is transmitted through the internal wall of the pipe, that after it reaches the back of the thickness, it is reflected to probe and as the result a signal appears on the screen which is called backwall signal. If there is a lamination flaw, a signal would appear before the backwall that is easily recognizable.


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