Technical Consulting

In order to improve the safety factor in society with around the clock inspection and test of critical and sensitive components, which is Pejvak Rayan’s goal, this company relying on professional specialist in different fields and years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of NDT flaw detecting systems is planning to give free consultation in ultrasonic testing and inspection to all interested expert to take bold step to fulfill this goal.

To respect our customer’s right we are also interacting with our customers and give accurate pre- purchasing consultation about different ultrasonic systems in order to give them a clear vision and raise their awareness we are trying to help them choose the system to improve the efficiency and reduce the unnecessary costs.

In order to respect the rights of its customers, Pejvak Rayan Company provides them with accurate advice and guides them in choosing the right product.

–  Provide advice and guidance on preparing and adjusting test procedures.

–  Advice on determining the best conditions for testing of industrial products

–  Advice on choosing the best test system and equipment for inspection

–  Advice on interpreting standards related to non-destructive testing

It also intends to take a bold step towards improving the level of testing and inspection knowledge of various industries by providing free technical advice to all interested experts.