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About Us

About us

These days we see outstanding advancement in different industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power stations, military, car manufacturing, nuclear, and etc in the world. Although, achieving and using such technologies could be beneficial and have lots of advantages, generally could cost a fortune. At the same time that we are using new technologies, we need to prepare a situation to prevent the unexpected accidents like, breakage, explosions, fire and…   that generally cost considerable financial lost and casualties that would be irreparable. One of the functional and operational ways of preventing those accidents, is utilizing one of the various kinds of non-destructive tests. These tests could be done online, after installing and in service or any time without damaging of the product under the test.

There is no doubt that ultrasonic testing, due to the significant advancement in recent years and its high competency, is the most highly used method of NDT that is used for surface and internal flaw detection, lamination test, thickness measurement, dimension control and identifying mechanical properties without damaging the test sample before production, in production and in service production.

Pejvak Rayan company relying on its specialist and experts’ knowledge and experiences in the field of modern NDT systems for testing and flaw detection process for industrial components and products, after a long term R&D, has taken a bold step in fully manufacturing and localizing this advanced technology in the country of Iran.

This company that includes a group of specialists in science engineering, electronic, automation, mechanic, software and NDT, aims at gaining the latest modern high tech in NDT flaw detector systems.

Pejvak Rayan has started its research from 2005 and after years of R&D, has developed Multi-channel automatic ultrasonic systems that have a high quality and detectability compared to other systems.

After the frequent test and experiment on the prototyped equipment, and installing them in different oil and gas companies the company decided to establish the Pejvak Rayan company and since then we have officially started manufacturing, selling and installing our products and test systems in different industries.

In this regard, this company has had loads of successful experiences in manufacturing and installation and commissioning of online and offline NDT flaw detecting systems in various industries, especially oil and gas pipes, steel production, and has gained their customers’ satisfaction.

 The companies that have purchased NDT equipment and machineries from us are as below:

  • Khozestan Oxin Steel Co.
  • Mobarakeh Steel Co.
  • Iran Spiral Industrial Group
  • Luleh Gostar of Esfaraien Pipe manufacturing Co.
  • SAFA Industrial Group
  • Iran National Steel Industrial Group
  • Irainian Alloy Steel Co.
  • Neka Machine Steel Co.
  • Razi Metallurgy Research Center.
  • Asia Nama CNG Cylinder Manufacturer Co.
  • Mahshahr Pipe Mill Co.
  • Pasargad Pipe manufacturing Co.

After these successes, in 2017 the iran knowledge- based organization’s inspectors had evaluated our work and approved that we have the qualification to join knowledge- based companies.

Some of the advantages of our company are listed as below:

  • Technical consultation and interaction with buyers to select the best system and place in order to reduce the cost of project and increase the efficiency.
  • Full personnel training to get the best use of purchased test systems.
  • Reasonable price, considering the high quality and wide range of options

Now our experts have invaluable experience in manufacturing automatic single or multi-channel flaw detecting systems, are ready for installation new test systems and substituting fully automatic systems with the old ones according to customers’ and standards like: API, EN, ISO, ASME, ASTM with numerous probes up to 100 channels.

Exclusive ultrasonic cards of this company, are armed to sender and receiver, I/O cards in order to activate the light, acoustic and marker alarms with high efficiency and longevity in a way that we proudly announce that our cards have two-year unconditional guarantee.

After years of research and using the best features of the best software brands of the world and getting the needs of the operators and costomer inspectors according the domestic and international standards, The software of this company have been designed and produced.

So, this software, in spite of having numerous options to accurately calibrate, is easy to learn and operate according to the needs of customers and inspectors.

A very important note next to all mentioned features is that, our software engineers are capable of customizing and adding more parameters that meet the buyers’ needs.

Now this company is able to design and produce different types of semi and fully automatic ultrasonic flaw detection systems in order to use in various industries such as ERW or spiral pipes, seamless pipes, plates, billets, rails, cars, power stations and structures.

Some of the systems that has been designed and produced by this company are listed as below:

– Flaw detection and thickness measurement system for ERW and spiral pipes.

– Flaw detection and thickness measurement system for polyethylene pipe.

– Flaw detection and lamination testing system for sheets or plates.

– Automatic flaw detection system for billets.

– Mechanical properties identification system for car manufacturing industries.

– 3D scanner system for HIC specimen test.

– Automatic rail way testing system.

– Corrosion test and control system.

– Flash Gage monitoring System for ERW pipes.

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