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Ultrasonic Billet Inspection System

The Pejvak Rayan Ultrasonic Billet Inspection System (FLAW HUNTER UBT 109) is designed for use in ultrasonic testing and defect inspection of various steel billet shapes, including square (varying dimensions from 50×50 mm to 150×150 mm) and round (up to 200 mm diameter) forms.1

It takes eight probes to test each side of the billet when using this inspection equipment for ultrasonic testing of billets up to 150 x 150 mm in maximum size. To test the billet’s four sides concurrently, a total of 32 probes are used.2

Ultrasonic Billet Inspection System pejvak rayan iran

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 probe holders for the ultrasonic billet inspection system

Four separate probe holders that use the water column approach and a unique suspension mechanism may float on the billet surface during testing in an ultrasonic billet inspection system. Every probe has a fixed distance from every other probe.3

The probes project a normal-angle sound wave into the billet, enabling it to detect faults of any kind up to FBH Ø 2 mm at a depth of 4 mm from every surface to the thickness’s end through the length of the billet.4

The unique feature of the system is the offline calibration system, which provides operator safety and allows calibration and maintenance without stopping the manufacturing line.5

One of the features that sets this system apart from others is its ability to test extended billets up to 20 mm from both one-meter ends. It also features a unique safety mechanism that detects and stops bendy billets with a bend of more than 20 mm from being tested because doing so could potentially damage the apparatus.6

With the use of two encoders and four sprays on each side, FLAW HUNTER UBT 109 was able to precisely locate the fault and mark it next to the billet by recording the test results from 32 channels in independent strip charts.7

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