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Touch Screen Flaw Detector - Ultrasonic technology

Touch Screen Flaw Detector – Ultrasonic technology

The latest generation of ultrasonic-based flaw detection and thickness-measuring devices is the Touch Screen Flaw Detector Pejvak Rayan (FLAW HUNTER FH T1001). Touch Screen Flaw Detector device’s design not only corresponds to modern technologies but also takes consideration of all international standards for manual ultrasonic testing devices. In addition, several unique characteristics have been provided.1

Compared to standard manual ultrasonic devices, this Touch Screen ultrasonic flaw detector has a few distinctive features: a solid aluminum body, the capacity to calculate the defect class in the AWS system, and the option to modify the sensitivity (Gain) under a separate gate.

Modern and advanced electronic components, like fast-processing microprocessors and FPGAs, have made it possible for this gadget to incorporate all the best and most recent features available for ultrasonic testing apparatuses. 2

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Touch Screen Flaw Detector PEJVAK RAYAN

Benefits of Pejvak Rayan‘s Touch Screen Flaw Detector

calibration that happens automatically


The ability to determine and indicate the location of internal flaws in components


identifying the kind of material by carefully determining the sound speed


 Repeatability of test results


Signal assessment using several evaluation techniques, including DAC, TCG, and AWS


evaluating processes


The device’s annual calibration


One year guarantee 


 (FLAW HUNTER FH T1001) Characteristics


The industries listed below can make use of this touch screen flaw detector device

Tanks and pipes are tested by the petrochemical and power plant sectors

industries that make pipes, steel, castings, and rollings

Distribution network pipes will be inspected by the oil and gas sectors

Rail industry for train wheel and rail testing

Automobile Sector

Industrial testing facilities for raw materials prior to manufacture

Capacity to test different kinds of components made by extrusion, forging, welding, rolling, and machining

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