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Plate Ultrasonic Testing Trolly – inspect sheet lamination defect

The purpose of the Plate Ultrasonic Testing trolly is to inspect sheet lamination defect.The Pejvak Rayan Company designed the Plate Ultrasonic Testing Trolly (FLAW HUNTER TPT 120), which is appropriate for inspecting lamination defects in sheets. This apparatus is intended to test high-length and wide-width sheets and plates using semi-automated ultrasonic lamination.1

Manual ultrasonic testing of these plates is almost impossible due to their large dimensions (they can occasionally measure 4 meters in width and 12 meters in length) as well as regular usage in pipe manufacturing.2

However, their automated systems for ultrasonic testing demand expensive, complex automation systems and advanced technologies with multiple channels and probes.3

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Specifications of plate ultrasonic testing trolley

Quantity of probes and channels

The trolley machine for inspecting sheet lamination defect is semi-automated and includes four channels with unique probes. With a crystal length of 28 mm, the two-crystal type (T/R) probes on this trolley employ the Water Gap technology to utilize less coupling agent to avoid the probes from running down on the plate surface.4

These probes are arranged so that, in each scan, they can test 100 mm of the sheet or plate’s depth throughout the whole length of the plate, with a ten percent overlap between each probe.5

Mechanical structure

For reduced weight and improve mobility, this device’s body is composed of metal, and all of its components are coated with an electrostatic coating to prevent rust.6

With a battery, this device can test continuously for eight hours, and it also contains an additional battery. In order to feed the coplent under the probes, it includes a 10-liter stainless steel coplent tank.7

This device can scan the edge of the plate and promise to the user that the edges of the plate have been tested correctly according to its side guide rolls.8


Defects and testable thickness

This apparatus can test sheets and plates ranging in thickness from 5 to 200 mm and detect holes up to 3 mm in diameter (FBH Ø 3 mm), located between the plate’s surface and its backside, using his both single and double crystal probes.9


The plate Ultrasonic Testing trolly has very capable software that is easy to use, and the software processor is a laptop enclosed in a metal protective casing.10

The audio and optical alarms on this device sound when defects are found, and the test findings are recorded in distinct strip charts for each channel.11


Test speed

The user can scan the plates at a speed of 30 meters per minute with this device.12


Plate Ultrasonic Testing Trolly - inspect sheet lamination defect

The Pejvak Rayan Company has successfully designed, manufactured, and installed multiple plate and sheet ultrasonic testing trolley equipment in different pipe and steel companies, demonstrating their expertise in this industry.13


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