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Gas Cylinder Ultrasonic Testing Machine

CNG Cylinder Ultrasonic Testing Inspection system

CNG Cylinder Ultrasoni Testing Inspection System Pejvak Rayan (FLAW  HUNTER CNG) is a fully automatic ultrasonic system designed for offline troubleshooting and thickness measurement of steel CNG cylinders (diameter 4-20 inches and thickness 3-20 mm). This system is capable of identifying all longitudinal and transverse defects on the internal and external surface and point-by-point thickness measurement of the cylindrical part of the gas tank body.

General specifications of the cng cylinder ultrasonic testing system

Due to the high sensitivity of gas tank testing, Pejvak Rayan’s CNG tank ultrasonic testing system is designed and built with immersion technique and water jet method.

In the ultrasonic test of these cylinders, ultrasonic beams are propagated into the tank wall in three directions, perpendicular to the cylinder wall (at an angle of zero degrees), parallel to the cylinder axis at an angle of 45 degrees, and perpendicular to the cylinder axis at an angle of 45 degrees.
After hitting the internal and external defects, the ultrasonic waves are reflected and displayed as a signal on the device’s screen. This system is capable of identifying N5 grooves with a depth of five percent of the cylinder thickness and measuring the thickness of cylinders with an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

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The software of cng cylinder ultrasonic testing system records all the test results in separate strip charts and color C-scan diagrams and has the ability to analyze the depth and location of defects in the circumference and length of the cylinder.

Other unique features of CNG cylinder ultrasonic testing system

 Display test results in color C-scan chart
 Ability to analyze test results offline
 Providing accurate statistics of tested cylinders and the number of accepted or rejected cylinders
 Providing the number and type of identified defects
 Reproducibility of test results with POD = 99%

Probe holder and the number of channels of cng cylinder ultrasonic tesing equipment

 The cylinders inside this cng cylinder ultrasonic testing system are rotated situ and as a result the probes move along the tank and scan the tank. The probes are placed inside a special probe holder at different angles. This probe holder is placed on the surface of the cylinder using a special shoe.

The shoe moves with rails and precise servomotor at a specific speed and in the longitudinal direction on the rotating tank body, and as a result, it scans and diagnoses the entire cylindrical part of the cylinder and measures the thickness.

The number of channels of this system can be designed between 5-15 channels depending on the customer’s request. Its fifteen-channel system is capable of fully testing a 14-inch cylinder with a length of one meter in one minute.

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