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Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System - Ultrasonic Steel Weld Testing

Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System – Ultrasonic Steel Weld Testing

Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System – Ultrasonic Steel Weld Testing، Pejvak Rayan (FLAW HUNTER SP 9502) is used to detect longitudinal and transverse defects of the welds and HAZ, in spiral pipes in online mode.  Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System is a weld line ultrasonic inspection system for submerged arc spiral welded pipe.1

Online ultrasonic testing for spiral pipes is an essential and integral component of the production process, as per requirements and the needs of spiral pipe manufacturers. It provides information about the quality of the weld and enables the manufacturer to promptly rectify any issues.2

We use various probe sets for ultrasonic testing of these pipes in order to obtain the optimal angle for finding every defect. I, K, and X are the prevalent arrangements; of these, the K arrangement is the most typical.3

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To inform the production team about the quality of the weld, this device can be implemented just after the welding machine in the production line. This system’s robust electrical cards and software can filter out the electronic noise produced by surrounding electromotors and machinery.5

Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System – Ultrasonic Steel Weld Testing

This system contains eight or more distinct channels and probes, each of which is placed in a unique holder using the water gap methods. Four pairs of probes are used: two pairs are used for detecting longitudinal surface flaws and two pairs are used to determine transverse interior flaws. Additionally, we can add two or four additional different channels and probes to detect lamination defects in HAZ.4

Characteristics of the pipes that the Spiral SAW Pipe Inspection System can test

Diameter of pipes: 16-20 inches 

thickness: 4-30 mm

Material of pipes: Carbon Steel

Maximum 20 m/min is the test’s linear speed

Equal to a N5 notch and 1.6 through holes, detectable defects

Test area: 1.6 mm of HAZ in addition to the overall weld seam


Spiral SAW Pipe Ultrasonic Weld Testing System Software

This system’s software allows for recording and analysis of the test results, which are all recorded on distinct strip charts. The technology would sound an alarm and mark the problematic region with paint spray for further inspection if it detected a flaw. In order to ensure that every welded region is checked, this system also features a weld tracking device.7

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