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Ultrasonic seamless steel pipes inspection system 3

Seamless pipe ultrasonic inspection system

 The 32-channel FLAW HUNTER SLP 9503, Seamless Pipe Ultrasonic Inspection System, respects all international standards, such as API 5L and 5CT, as well as the demands of manufacturers and inspectors of such types of pipes. The reference defects of the international standards for seamless pipes can be found using the ultrasonic inspection system for seamless pipes. A 1.6 mm diameter hole, an FBH hole Ø6 mm with a depth of half the wall’s thickness, and four longitudinal and transverse grooves of types N12.5, N10, and N5 on the pipe’s inner and outer surfaces belong to the defect kinds.1

 probe holders in Seamless pipe Ultrasonic Inspection System  

In this technique, the probe holders are positioned on a carrier and are moved over the device’s initial canvas by the encoder at a distance of approximately 13 meters. The probes use an accuracy step to scan the entire tube’s body while the tube is rotating.2


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On the other hand, the water column technique is used to conduct the test because of its high sensitivity and the poor surface quality of seamless pipes as a result of heat treatment and hot rolling.8

Upgrade the seamless pipe ultrasonic inspection system

This system can be expanded to two separate heads (each capable of evaluating six meters of pipe) and increase the number of channels and probes to 64 in order to test pipes more quickly (one branch every minute).9

The location of the probes inside the holders


Eight channels are used to measure thickness.3

Twelve channels, arranged in two groups of six, are used to discover longitudinal defects both internal and the outside.4

The channels transmit sound waves within the pipe wall in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.5

Twelve channels, arranged in two groups of six, are used to detect internal and external transverse flaws.6

The channels face one another, project sound waves in opposite directions, and run parallel to the pipe’s longitudinal axis inside the pipe wall.7

The Seamless Pipe Ultrasonic Inspection System’s features

Troubleshooting and measuring the seamless pipe’s thickness  in full body form


Min 3 inch, Max 6 inch or according to customer’s request

The test pipe’s diameter

Min 3 mm, Max 20 mm  

The test pipe’s thickness

12 meters per 100 seconds for the 32-channel single-head system. In the 64-channel two-head system, a 12-meter branch occurs per 55 seconds

Test speed


Test standard

Standards for API 5CT, IGS, IPS, and API 5L in the defective reference for testing seamless pipes

Defects of refrence

various forms of longitudinal, transverse, and internal cracks and seams; air spaces; double skinning; and reduction of thicknesses that are too large

Defects that can be discovered

10-64channel; according to requests from customers

  Number of channels

Audio, optical and marker RAMs for marking the defective part

Alarm system

 5MHz probes with suitable diameter


The capability to save calibration and settings and perform them later

Storage and calibration

Each test result is saved and can be transferred to a CD or Flash memory

Record test results

All of the results for each branch of the tested pipe can be saved as a PDF file in this seamless pipe ultrasonic inspection system’s software for testing, inspection, troubleshooting, and ultrasonic thickness measurement. These results can be loaded into the factory’s information network, presented, and extracted.10

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