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Round Bar inspection system – Automatic Ultrasonic Testing

The Pejvak Rayan Company’s Round Bar inspection system (FLAW HUNTER RBUT 808) is an unique, fully automated Ultrasonic Testing quality control system for alloy round bars. This ultrasonic inspection test should be performed automatically using multi-channel systems in order to control the quality of the alloy bar at high speed (due to the high daily production rate) and ultrasonic testing the  whole body. Normal ultrasonic probes are used at various angles in the alloy round bar ultrasonic inspection system to find defects in the bars. 1

High-sensitivity industrial parts are manufactured using round bars (alloy bars) of various alloy grades. When alloy bars have structural flaws like air holes, inclusions, cracks, etc., their quality falls enormously. If these low-quality products are used to make delicate industrial parts, there are forever risks to both financial stability and life. 2

  ultrasonic testing of round bar

International standards lay a strong emphasis on the use of non-destructive testing to detect internal, surface, and subsurface flaws in the alloy bars’ structural integrity. The only non-destructive testing technique that can detect internal flaws in alloy bars with a diameter of up to 250 mm is the ultrasonic test method. Ultrasonic test technique is used to examine the quality of alloy bars. Detect internal flaws in alloy bars with a diameter of up to 250 mm is absent from all other non-destructive testing techniques.3

Round Bar inspection system - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing

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Round Bar inspection system

The Pejvak Rayan Company has designed and constructed a unique fully automatic inspection and quality control system for alloy round bars using ultrasonic testing technology. Bar inspection system is in accordance with industry requirements, international standards, and the type and location of defects in alloy round bars. FLAW HUNTER RBUT 808 model is offered.4

Ultrasonic probes, also known as transducers, stay immersed in eight cassettes around the round bars that are being tested as well as inside a sealed chamber that includes the coupling in the FLAW HUNTER RBUT 808, 24-channel automatic ultrasonic testing system. Round bars being tested are not in contact directly with these probes.5

Each part of the round bars is examined through placing the cassettes carrying the ultrasonic probes in such a way that they overlap each other throughout the bar inspection system.6

Round Bar inspection system - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing

These cassettes are suspended from above and arranged in a full set within the test pond. Three rows of triple rolls make up the suspension system. A pneumatic jack is used to stimulate, open, and close each row separately. The rods’ alignment compared to the cassettes is guided and centered by this suspension mechanism. Bars are always centered compared to the ultrasonic probes inside the cassettes according to this mechanism.7

Round Bar inspection system - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing

The purpose of the two pinch rolls with two rollers at the test chamber’s entrance and exit is to precisely guide the round bars being tested within the chamber without causing any vibration or severe shocks. Round bar inspection system’s very high test speed is one of its apparent benefits. Testing at high speeds (up to 60 m/min) is achievable since there is no physical contact between the probes and round bars and no need to rotate the round bars or probes to properly scan the products.8

Round Bar inspection system - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing

Testing different sizes of alloy bars

Three distinct three-piece cassettes with normal probes and various crystal diameters have been used in the ultrasonic inspection and quality control system for alloy bars to provide testing of round bars with a diameter of 15-90 mm or more diameters according customer requirement. A specific diameter of round bars is covered by each series of three cassettes.9

Every probe is set up within its unique cassette. The device’s operator will be able to test the system quickly and easily by simply changing the cassette to fit the new diameter that slides into the rail, all without having to alter the probes, while changing the size of the bar under test. Get a new size ready.10

Bar inspection system software and electronic

The FLAW HUNTER RBUT 808 has an electronic system and unique software that make it easy to operate and provide users quick access to all the settings, calibration, and device-operating options they require.11

The test findings can be documented and archived by this system in 24 distinct strip charts. Additionally, it can accurately record the locations of flaws along the length of alloy round bars and determine their locations.12

Round Bar inspection system - Automatic Ultrasonic Testing




Due to the delayed calibration process, a second system constructed in parallel to the test system’s main line is regarded as offline calibration for this system.13

Other features of bar inspection system include the capacity to automatically modify the test table’s height based on the diameter of the round bars being tested, as well as automatic online and offline switching, a drying system, an automatic marking, and an Automatic circulation system of Coplant.14

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