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Online corrosion monitoring system _wireless ultrasonic inspection

Online Corrosion Monitoring is a corrosion detection instruments and remote corrosion telemetry system that provides wireless ultrasonic inspection.1

The safest corrosion monitoring systems is the Pejvak Rayan wireless online ultrasonic corrosion monitoring system. This remote corrosion telemetry system uses wireless technology and ultrasonic technology to continuously and correctly monitor corrosion in pipelines, pressure vessels, valves, and fittings.2


One of the most crucial pieces of equipment in the gas, oil, and petrochemical industries are tanks, pipelines, fittings, and valves. The materials that are kept inside of these gadgets cause corrosion over time.4

Online corrosion monitoring _wireless ultrasonic inspection _ remote corrosion telemetry system _ corrosion monitoring instruments pejvak rayan

This corrosion occurs as the loss of metal from the inner wall after coming into contact with a liquid, which reduces the inner wall and leads to flaws and inner wall cracking. There are various ways that corrosion manifests itself, including penetrates from water droplets, embrittlement from hydrogen, and stress corrosion from sulfur during the refining process.5

The significance of corrosion detection

Along with increased costs, problems like material leaking, chemical reactor or tank explosions, and catastrophic, frequently irreversible consequences to life, the economy, and the environment are also brought about by the deterioration of pipelines and storage tanks under pressure from corrosion and the inability to detect it in time.6

Early corrosion detection can be a very suitable and preventive solution in reducing accidents involving people, property, and the environment. It can also prevent long-term stoppages and lower the high costs of sudden corrosion-related destruction in refineries. Appropriate methods and corrosion monitoring equipment can help with this.7

Online corrosion monitoring _wireless ultrasonic inspection _ remote telemetry system

Pipes, tanks, valves, fittings, and other equipment used in the petrochemical, power plant, and refinery industries are continuously susceptible to corrosion and a decrease in inner wall thickness. The equipment’s corrosion sites are not continuously accessible. since some of these pieces of equipment are underground or buried at high elevations. It is also not possible to do predictable, preventive maintenance or repairs to compensate up for these corrosions. As a result, ultrasonic technology is currently employed in multiple countries as a corrosion monitoring telecommunication system for online and ongoing remote corrosion monitoring.8

Online corrosion monitoring can be performed by a wireless ultrasonic corrosion monitoring telecommunication system. This system is among the tools for corrosion monitoring that offer precise and long-lasting corrosion detection.9

Online corrosion monitoring _wireless ultrasonic inspection _ remote corrosion telemetry system _

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various telecom system components for online corrosion monitoring


 A wireless device for ultrasonic testing to assess thickness and monitor corrosion


 The Gateway


Web browser-based data viewer software


Local server software for configuration and corrosion tracking


سیستم مخابراتی مانیتوریگ خوردگی

The system’s ultrasonic transducers are installed at the customer’s request and at the crucial locations for the equipment in the oil, gas, and power plants and These sensors (probes) transmit ultrasonic waves into the equipment’s wall, measuring the wall’s thickness with an accuracy of 10 mm continuously (at least once every 12 hours). Through the use of the wireless module and the corrosion monitoring telemetry system, the data is transmitted to the center and control room in the form of remote corrosion monitoring (online).12

تجهیزات مانیتوریگ خوردگی برای پایش راه دور خوردگی

Transmission of data in the online corrosion monitoring communication network (wireless ultrasonic inspection)

Management software is used in the control center to apply and process all of the thickness data of the many walls that are subject to corrosion across a refinery or petrochemical industry.13

This software receives all of its information from the Gateway Node. Following the computation of the corrosion rate, the center is notified when the corrosion value falls outside of the range. It then establishes the sensitive equipment’s maximum and minimum wall thickness.14

Online corrosion monitoring _wireless ultrasonic inspection _ remote corrosion telemetry system _ corrosion monitoring instruments

The LoRaWan network is an information network that provides very low power data transmission over several kilometers. This network has been programmed to send and receive data consistently and reliably. As a result, the operator can stop making constant settings. Moreover, the setup won’t change in any way if one of the test points is changed.15

Every network node has a temperature sensor, radio communication, an ultrasonic section, the capacity to read four thickness test sensors using four fixed probes, and a radio for data transmission and reception. Lastly, it can provide the necessary power for up to two years thanks to the built-in battery, and it can function again after the battery is changed.16

Characteristics of the online ultrasonic corrosion monitoring system (wireless ultrasonic inspection) from Pejvak Ryan

This technology uses ultrasonic waves, which makes it safe and healthy for the workers and the workspace.17

Sensitive equipment has the option of being repaired and maintained, which lowers expenses, extends equipment life, and protects capital by averting potential explosive hazards.18

It removes the operator’s inaccuracy in corrosion measurement because of its great reliability.19

Because it eliminates the requirement for human operators to be physically present at the equipment location—especially during the summer—it improves human comfort.20

It is not necessary to use consumable parts like corrosion coupons.21

This approach offers a high degree of corrosion value detection precision, ranging from tenths to hundredths of millimeters.22

It is less expensive than other corrosion detecting techniques.23

Access to the equipment wall’s inside is not necessary.24

The capability to examine rust on equipment as it’s being worked on

able to capture and store data

Both offline and online reporting and corrosion monitoring are feasible.25

Easy to use and comfortable to operate

It emits no pollutants and is safe for the environment.26

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